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~Meet Georgie And His Mom Tessa~ A Tribute

This is my favorite pic of Georgie.

This is my favorite pic of Georgie.

I wanted to make a page dedicated to my Georgie Bugg and his mother Tessa Bear (Tinky Winks).


This is Tessa

This is Tessa

It all started when my oldest son gave me Tessa. She was just a baby and would sleep with her head on my shoulder. I didn’t plan on getting a dog and I never wanted a Pit Bull because of their reputation. This was so far from the truth.

Well, I fell in love! Tessa was the best dog I have ever had in my life! She listened to everything I said.



She was a black and brown Brindle. She was on the small side and her teeth had gone bad. When she was almost full grown she contracted Parvo. I’m sure this stunted her growth and contributed to her tooth decay. Most dogs die from this disease which I had no idea. I had never even heard of it. The worst thing about it was the fact that it emanated this HORRIBLE stench!

She had to stay in her crate because she couldn’t control her bowels and she was staining the carpet in a rental. It was shooting out of her, blood mixed with feces. She was also throwing up blood.



She refused to eat or drink anything. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as if she were pleading with me to help her. She was dismayed. She didn’t understand what was happening to her once agile body, I’m pretty sure she could sense that she was in a bad state. She was as worried about her as I was. I didn’t know what to do so, but when all else fails I pray! I put my hands on her and prayed that God would let her live.


I had to work that night and I hated to leave her for so many hours at a time. But while I was there I had a revelation. I decided to get a sippy cup and use Pedialyte (what the Dr recommended for me to give my kids when they had loose bowels). So when I got home that night I held her mouth open and shook that liquid into her mouth! She was choking and trying to fight me. The disease debilitated her making her weak and I was determined! I poured that concoction down her throat while she tried in vain to wrestle away from me! Well, Tessa made it, she pulled through. She was always so small and thin after that and her teeth went bad. I had never seen a dog with bad teeth before that.

Georgie and Me

Georgie and Me

I don’t have many pictures of her. This was before I graduated into the digital age. I have a few loose pictures I may eventually scan and add to this page.

I never even considered a Vet. I am just not the kind of person that rushes to the Dr every time I stub my toe. I know people that run to the emergency room every other week! I was never like that. We didn’t grow up like that. I remember going to the Dr. when I had quinzy a condition where a white fungus grows on your tonsils. The Dr told us if we hadn’t treated it I would have eventually suffocated.

There were so many people that wanted me to let Tessa have a litter of puppies with our friend’s all white Pit. Segal. He was such a nice dog. He had the best temperament. Tessa, on the other hand, used to bite and even attack certain people. If they were substance abusers she would be really mean! I don’t know how she knew. Then there were some people she just didn’t like. We’d have to put her in her crate so they could visit. I used to let her out if the company stayed too long. It was, after all, her house!

Georgie's Face

Georgie’s Face

She was the perfect dog other than her anger issues. I couldn’t break her of that. Some people would say it’s because of her breed but haven you heard that dogs take after their owners I personally think she had a mood disorder.

I finally conceded to let her have a litter. I had heard if you let them have one litter it would keep them from getting cancer later in life. Not true!

Georgie was my little baby. He was the runt. He was so much smaller than all the other puppies. He was born at least 12 hours after the other puppies. I went in to give Tessa a snack and she was having another one! He had thin white fur, in fact, it was so scarce he looked pink! He resembled a baby pig.

Before his eyes were open he would blindly crawl around and whine. I would pick him up and snuggle him against me and he would be OK.

I eventually moved out of that big house and into a small apartment. Tessa was gone by then. It was just Georgie and me.

Tessa was truly a blessing. She was such a good girl. She knew all the commands.



Georgie though, he was the worst! He knew one command and that was sit and we had to use hand signals because, as I said before, he was born deaf. He was so bad he used to bite me when he was annoyed with me and he would draw blood! He never bit anyone else only me. At bathtime, I would rub his back and, even though he hated it, he would make that face showing pleasure. His eyes would grow heavy, but he would keep growling. I had to muzzle him that always called for biting. He would growl and intimidate me. He was a big boy so I did get a little uneasy.

Georgie was so bad and so spoiled. When we first move here. I didn’t have a garbage can so I would hang a bag on the drawer handle. He would go about this almost every night mind you. He would sneak into the kitchen and I could hear that bag rattling. He didn’t just go in and quickly go through the bag. He had no fear and would be rattling that bag for a good ten minutes or more. I would sneak up on him and whack him one on the butt! He would jump every time. You’d think after becoming familiar with the routine he’d expect me.

Georgie in his elf costume

Georgie in his elf costume

OK, I am finally finished!

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