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I’ve been praying that I would do whatever it is God wants me to do for years now. He only lets us see so much. We would die if He opened everything I think. Not a problem for me in a way.

He gave me that insight about racial issues in the US. I did nothing but business for years it’s like I was practicing for just this very thing.

Every time I think I’m not good enough I immediately remember that the Lord uses people like me. I’ve heard people pray for things to come out into the light but WOW! What a wasps nest of a prayer that brought out all these men in Hollywood.

As a community owe it to the Black race to give back something for all that’s been stolen. I don’t think you have to be blind to see their suffering. The rift between Blacks and Whites is deep. The only way it could ever be repaired is if the Whites returned all they’ve stolen. Which they can never do, Even if they tried and I don’t think many Whites care about race at all.

That’s another thing I keep thinking. I’m really the wrong color for this. If it is the Lord. So I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. At least Moses was Hebrew.  Not that I’m leading anyone anywhere. That would have to be a group effort. That means move out of my comfort zone….I’ve seen Him move me to do things before and I don’t want to ignore His call.

I heard that until you finish the mission you’re destined for you have to live over and over. I don’t know if it’s true but I do not want to ever come back here.

If it’s what the Lord wants than it will prosper. If not I can always tweak it for another project.

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