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My Daughter Has A Reptile For A Pet. Reminds Me Of Her Choice In Men. I’m Talking SCARY!

I’m one of those people who kids and animals feel instantly at home.

One owner and his wife were amazed when their kitty cat came up and nuzzled me in the nose. Another time I was with a friend who chose to stop on a dirt road with a field of wheat forever on one side and a bunch of cows in a pasture on the other. One by one the cows came as close to the fence to us as they could get.

Not all kids and animals react to me this way but I do seem to provoke strong reactions.

When I was an a child entertaining evil I was with a neighborhood girl who liked to pretend she was a dog. I went along with it. You know. W/E! We went to the pasture at the farm by our house and started running (and I think we may have been howling. I forget). We started running and they started a stampede. We could see the farmer get in his truck and ride up to see what the problem was.

This lizard really likes me. She’s always running up to me. Even though I scream when she does it! I’m trying to get over the screaming thing. I mean I prefer warm and fuzzy. That thing looks like a growth!

My granddaughter was trying to hold the thing on her lap and it kept running over to me everytime she did it. We were laughing. it’s not so bad if I’m prepared but when I see that thing coming running at me all of a sudden it’s instinct!

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