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Popularity is Overrated

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I’ve Been Looking into Hell and His Look When I was Describing it in Great Detail LOL

His eyes were huge and he didn’t move a muscle. He was scared stiff and not afraid to admit it. That’s the type to pray for!

What people don’t realize is that we have full knowledge of everything. We only use 10% without the Lord renewing your mind.

There is a veil. He lifts it slowly.

You can not see everything at once. This is parallel with the time when the Isrealite’s were entering the Promise Land and the Lord told them the animals would overtake them if they took it at once.

Only in the spiritual walk He reveals His secrets to those He loves.

After I read Mary Kay Baxter’s

Divine Revelations

It was a deep study. Usually when I seek the Lord on an insight He blesses me.

Sometimes before I finish a prayer it’s answered, other times it takes years when I seek Him on a subject.

As a new Christian I believed everything everyone told me at Fellowship. One man guaranteed me it was possible to sit down and have a conversation with the Lord the same way him and me were.

I agonized over this for years. I thought because I was a woman He wouldn’t speak to me.

Finally, in a quiet moment, I remembered He is a God of mystery.

Also He reminded me that He does give me insights. I know this because His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

I don’t always recognize His voice. But when He wants to stress a point He does so in dramatic and profound ways.

His Spirit doesn’t leave me but He gives me the freedom to be who I am. Once I asked the Lord’s Spirit to show me to me. I gained so much understanding.

First I saw how alike people are. It’s funny that people chase famous people. They’ll rip their hair out just to get something they’ve touched.

Who cares that they are perfect strangers. When you get something from someone you care about you cherish it because of the heart of the person.

Money is evil. It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to Heaven.

Most of them are plagued with demons whatever deceit that drive them.

Oh well. I do say a prayer that God will help Joyce Meyer lead the rich to Him.

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