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The Problem With Friends Who Lack Morals

Eventually, they try to pull you into their game. That’s the end of the friendship for me.

Kim was my best friend for decades. We were like night and day. In looks, our upbringing, morals, values, spiritual beliefs, almost everything.

For instance, I got a wrong number one time and it was a religious experience. By the time we hung up we were elated.

The day after Kim’s wrong number I had to take her to the ER to be checked for herpes.

After a drunken threesome one night she thought I had found the light or something. She encouraged me to take it further. Our friendship didn’t last long after that.

I don’t overstep boundaries. Common curtousy is something I practice daily. I don’t expect others to live up to my standards. I understand they don’t have my convictions.

Even though Kim had sex with everyone I was ever with (other than Joe Perfect) I never did any of her men. I stuck up for when she came to visit. Two or three women were banging on the door screaming threats because of their cheating boyfriends. I told them they had to go through me. Sandy couldn’t believe I chose Kim over her. Sandy was a b*tch. She used to talk about me and treat me lower than a dog.

Yet, I rarely get the same respect. People always try to entice me into things that aren’t right for me. I don’t think they want to destroy me necessarily. They probably think I’m missing something.

What is it about the name Kim!

Another Kim, of my self-appointed best friends, used to tell me I needed to date. She couldn’t accept that I am not interested in dating. Even after I tried to explain it to her.

She got a divorce because of her obsession with Eminem. Some 15 year old girl had us both totally convinced she was The Rap God himself!

They spent long hours on the Internet. When the girl finally fessed up she was deviated! Her husband was shacked up with her sister in law. Karma’s a b*tch right?

Years later she referenced her ‘Eminem Period’ and her feelings about the situation. I told her that was how I feel about The Lord. She told me I needed to get over that sh*t.

We weren’t friends very long after that.

It was at that point. When I am around someone four or five years and they still have the same issues. It’s time to move on.

She constantly lives beyond her means. Material possessions are everything. Top of the list! She works all the time and is miserable because of it! She talks about her money matters all the time!

Her features are excellent, but her face is always contorted by worry. It’s distorted her. An evil spirit is stealing her joy before she gets it.

Her nickname was ‘Retard’ when she delivered pizza for small town USA. Yet she’ll post her 4.0 online to prove how bright she is.

Disconnection? Windy roads?

People like her are better off never knowing The Lord. She would return to her ways (like a dog returns to it’s vomit ) and her Hell would be even worse. It’s better not to know The Lord at all than to know Him and turn away. She will be in bondage. With countless others who believe they are right about everything. They ponder about their state uselessly. Just like in life. Wasted energy. Going like the Energy Bunny driving yourself backwards.

My dad went from a married Sunday School teacher (who told my sister Shelley to lie to another female teacher saying he wasn’t married and she wasn’t his daughter -if she asks) to a drunk. 100% asshole.

I can picture his Hell! If we have any say at Judgment I already know what I’ll say. I don’t care where he goes as long as he’s not in my Heaven. I’ll be civil. That’s about as close to forgiveness as I’m gonna get with him. I have no problem with him being in Hell. I used to get satisfaction out of the fact that he is eternally condemned. That’s about as much progress I’m going for. He’s taken enough from me. I’ve given that all the energy I am going to.

The only reason I would consider him worthy is because my sister loved that man. She would go on and on about her ‘Daddy’. Until I finally had to say, “I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t have that kind of relationship with that man and I don’t really want to hear about how she did. She never mentioned it again.

Since I tend to attract the one’s with issues. Usually serious issues.

My life pattern is a time of solitude where I seek the Lord and He gives me a new revelation, enlightenment, and/or vision. Then chaos.

During the solitude in Cleveland my fellowship with The Lord found a new height. I’ve been asking Him to show me His will for my life. We are all sent here to save souls from Hell.

I used to hang out with certain people longer than I should have. I used to give and give and forgive and forgive and give. While people used me and stole from me. I don’t know what about Cleveland made me remember the scripture about ‘throwing pearls to swine.’

I limit the time I’m exposed myself to some people.

The Lord says it’s OK to boast as long as you boast in Him and I am fully aware that I am the closest some people will ever get to God.

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