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I Used to Think A$$hole ALERT Was Just A Saying

My daughter chooses control freaks and I think it’s because I lacked discipline.

After my divorce I announced to my kids, “No more rules and regulations!!”

I thought Joe Perfect had rules and regulations!

He was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. When I made that decision I had a vision of God warning Isreal why they shouldn’t. I knew He would deliver me and He did.

Out of a bad situation I got a beautiful Angel. I’m glad because of what I’ve learned and how it’s developed my character. I’ve gained insights into things I would have missed otherwise. The blessings outweigh the curse.

My oldest daughter, also the middle child, chooses controlling men. She kicks them to the curb a lot faster thank God!

That maniac she was married to almost killed her. I never prayed so hard in my life!

Upon my most recent arrival I meet new boyfriend.

I heard great reviews from Bri, my daughter. And he was cute. (and some have been scary) His little girl was visiting and she was so cute and funny. Her and my older granddaughter bonded. We had a great time.

After she left he became uptight. Things got serious. There wasn’t as much laughing and talking. Increased time in the corner.

He told my three year old granddaughter, “You’re always lying”. I cringed! I would never tell a child that! You have better results pointing out her truths. (which I’ve been doing). If a child hears something from a trusted adult they tend to believe it.

He made valuable points when speaking to the children. But he did things that were inappropriate. Like party instead of get a job. He still lives with grand mommy at 32.

I complimented him on something I saw in his character. His response “I’m an asshole though.” I thought that was an odd response.

The very next morning he proved that point. I was sleeping on the couch and the kids (and I mean kids, she always has a house full). I screamed, “Go upstairs!”

He went off on me! He told me it was their house and on and on! He basically cussed me out. I didn’t say much about it and went upstairs.

Personally, when someone is sleeping I try to keep things quiet..? Common courtesy?

Then I was doing a tutorial and I was stopping and starting the TV. No one ever put the remote on the charger when I finally got up and screamed, “Do you have a f*cking remote that works?”

He started cussing and swearing about how disrespectful I am. I flipped the f*ck out. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. I reminded this total stranger he doesn’t know me. And just not to speak to me. He wouldn’t shut up. He kept repeating how disresectful I am for using that language in front of children. Not one child was in ear shot. It was him and me.

Bully’s zero in on me. My dad (my first bully) used to say I was a target and control freaks try to make me their personal project.

I don’t think he expected me to flip out and start screaming at the top of my lungs. Let me tell you he tip toed around me after that.

We did resolve it to a degree. I explained that I have psychosis and one of the symptoms is inappropriate behavior.

He started babbling about just meeting his family. How teaching kids respect was important to him. I guess he disregards leading by example. After he finished, I made it clear that I wasn’t capable of being what he thinks I should.

The type that will stab someone 50 times for putting the ketchup in front of the butter.

You dodged a bullet Bri!

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