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Today in Thot-Life Kuntess Was Born

I don’t know how my son determines which thot to wife. I’m sure a big part of it has to do with the sex. The most recent wifey /thot is exceptionally pretty. I can’t say beautiful because she is so ugly inside. What she has in beauty she lacks in intellect.

I just spent about two weeks at my daughter’s. Who recently had a baby. I love my daughter dearly in spite of the fact that she’s a full blown bitch! Only to me though. I never see her react to anyone like she does to me.

At one point she told me I look like Frankensteinn’s wife. I just keep my mouth shut with Angel. We all do. She’s the baby and is the most well adjusted child I have. I was grounded for life after I married a psychopath.

Lucky for her the other side of the family shunned her after I had that man surgically removed. With zero pain relief. I haven’t been in a serious relationship since (excluding when a doctor was giving me four 10mg Valium a day. I no longer take benzos).

We spent a lot of time together where my older were getting raped by the babysitter while I was working 16 hours a day at my sister’s restaurant.

I made $2.00 an hour under the table. I had a lot of fun working. My feet would hurt so bad even after I slept putting my feet to the floor was a harsh experience in pain. After I was on them a while they went numb or something. I’d put my feet up and they would throb! The first of many rules and regulations was that I was forbidden to work. A week after I got married my sister Leigh Anne asked me how it felt to be grounded…for life?

Needless to say my older children don’t always make the best decisions.

My oldest son and daughter like to make me out to be this awful parent (and I wasn’t the best by any means) so they have an excuse for their major mistakes. It’s my fault! Yes, my son didn’t do seven straight years in prison because I was called to a bar fight and shot someone. I’m not even going to get into his prison history.

Meanwhile my oldest daughter claims her brother raised her. When I pointed out that he had been in jail most of his life…crickets.

So the Kuntess, who has made it to wifey/thot status is taken to fits of rage. Her previous temper tantrum started earlier in the day like today. My son had picked up someone he grew up with and considers a brother. They were on the phone and he told her he was taking him out for breakfast. She started screaming and throwing things. She was furious! She did not want him giving anyone anything but her.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation at first. I asked her if she was OK or if she wanted me to take her two year old toddler downstairs and watch a movie.

That night after they got back from the bar and she had lost all her money she was demonic! She was beating. She found a club and tried usingit on him. I left the room at that point. She would periodically tell us that he had punched her in the face several times stressing that we needed to look at it. There wasn’t a mark on it anywhere. It was red from her actions. No one else was in the room but I did hear my son tell her to stop before she gets hurt.

It resulted in her calling the police. She hid from them and whoever answered the door was rude. This is what the cop who came to check on the situation the next day. They also found a stolen car in the driveway. I didn’t even know there was a car in the driveway. My son parks out front. What a mess that is.

Fast forward to today and I am in a mood. I just spent TWO WEEKS with the Queen of the Bitches. I hear pounding and my son yelling about the Kuntess throwing things. I started SCREAMING at the useless annoyance.

“Is the c*nt having a temper tantrum and mocking an the annoying cry of a spoiled brat. She tried to break something I screamed, “If I don’t get my way I’m going to break your stuff and throw things like I’m TWO”.

Of course, the Kuntess challenged me. I picked up a broom and chased her to the kitchen. When the guys came running to intervene she pretended to be the aggressor. She was so mad and I wouldn’t stop. She finally threw a bowl at me really hard and hit me right in the nose. My eyes watered and I was stunned for a few but I resumed at the same pitch and probably louder.

What Kuntess doesn’t realize is that there is a long line of females before her and there will be a long line after. Whether she’s with him or not. She’s not special. I don’t care how good of a blow job she can give that kind of behavior gets old .

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