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I Can Not Figure Out The Lesson In The Toilet Paper Debauchery

It all started when I moved to Ohio. My first apartment. It wasn’t a bad place other than the people.

Every new person I met began borrowing toilet paper from me. I don’t mean just once I was their main supplier! I started buying cheap packs just to give away!

My self proclaimed “best friend ” actually got mad at me free for being asleep when she needed some and had to walk to the store!

That woman borrowed like no one ever has! Shampoo, laundry soap, mousse, dish soap, light bulbs…things I would think you would have as an adult living on your own would have. She ended up thinking the neighbors had a plot against her and focused in on me. She would stand outside my door and talk sh*t. When I finally got tired of it and punched her in the face she got a protection order on me. I walked passed her and she called the police!

I had to get one on her to live in peace. I dug up so much stuff on her. I even had a copy of a letter she wrote to a previous landlord about being accused of bothering the neighbors. That’s something I would have liked to avoid.

But the toilet paper thing is beyond my understanding. I can guarantee by the age of five we have an idea that toilet paper is a must-have. Everyone forgets sometimes but weekly?

I let the drug addicts watch my place when I stayed with my daughter for a month. She I was helping her with my new grandson. I don’t know why I bought the biggest size of toilet paper before I left. When I got back the sexual deviate handyman told me there were parties in my place the whole time I was gone. They denied it. All they had to do is take care of the fish! That didn’t happen. Poor Henry I really liked that fish. Oh and three rolls of toilet paper left.

I opened the door and the A/C was blasting, all the windows were open and my computer had to be repaired. It was Henry that really let me see what these people were made of.

It got to the point where I no longer answered the door or phone. I have never had to do that before and will never let that happen again!

Here we are years later and I’m staying with my son who has been out of prison a few years and is doing very well. He works a tough job, long hours and invests in real estate. I am so glad because I see most people return to the same thing and make a career of it. But his friends…he thinks he can help people and sometimes he does. In most cases it doesn’t happen.

He has my ex son in law here who chose to pickup an old “cellie” and move him in.

And what does this man have an obsession for? TOILET PAPER!

The toilet paper was disappearing at a record pace! I mean this guy spent great lengths of time in the bathroom. I’m right off the bathroom so I took notice of bathroom habits.

Everyone was given a roll of toilet paper as needed. I became the official toilet paper dispenser AGAIN!

I went into the bathroom after dude used it and there was toilet paper draped around the top of the toilet seat with a trail of it leading to a pile in the toilet. Yet it was clean water.

I went off. I told my son in law to speak to his friend. My son told him he had to buy his own toilet paper. Which he never did. He buys cigarettes and beer. Doesn’t know how to use basic appliances like a washer or stove.

One day after another roll of toilet paper was missing I saw him waiting for the bathroom with a new roll of toilet paper in one hand. The other hand was caressing it lightly between his fingers. His had a dazed smile as if he was reunited with a loved one.

I went on about the fact that I have had a lot of people stay with me, besides the people stole from me regularly, I have never had to hide TOILET PAPER! And when I am annoyed I don’t hide it and I’m loud!

The funny thing is I got tired of hiding it and left it out. Not one was missing. I keep a stash just in case. My son in law told him to do “it” at work. I am mildly curious what “it” may be. I’m more curious about his motivation for this. What drives him to turn to toilet paper? I can’t even begin to guess.

I try not to be judgemental but that was annoying.

What has me confused is why, of all things, has toilet paper become a hot commodity? Am I missing a lesson in this?

I know we’re supposed to give to those who steal from us, but it also says not to throw pearls to swine. How do I decide when to stop throwing the pearls? When I see no improvement. You can’t force a person to look at themself.

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