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Have You Ever Not Liked A Person Immediately? What do you do?

This is what I’ve done in the past and although I think the straight to the point approach is the best it hasn’t always come out that way.

This kid used to come over all the time with my kids and I didn’t like him from day one. I’ve had that happen to me about five times in my life and I’m always right. They always prove themselves to be a d*ck.

So I told him. I thought this way he’s know to leave me alone and not talk to me try not to be a total a$$h0le in my house. He wants to resolve it! I said you can’t. I don’t like you and I will never like you that’s all there is to it. He’d try but it wasn’t happening.

One example is one day I had my granddaughter out and it was cold so I bought a white bandana and put it on her so she’d be cool. I’m sitting on the porch here come whatever his name was with that bandana on his head. I said you just got that from inside my house. He said, “No I didn’t.” Sat down like nothing. This was only one instance that proved my instincts were correct.

So recently I meet this bratty demanding no it all teenager. For one if you not my kid I don’t have to deal with you. But this kid kept interacting with me. I finally told him I don’t like him thinking he’ll leave me alone instead I guess he has rejection issues and every time he saw me it was a confrontation. I had to pretend to like him just for peace. But I did start to like him later he did grow up a lot thank God. He was like nails scratching a chalkboard.

I don’t know why people can be open and up front. I mean if someone told me they don’t like me it might bother me but you can bet they never see me again!! I seek peace in my life I avoid the drama!! If I can help it. Other people’s drama is their problem.

Some a$$h0le tried to start drama between me and the landlord well guess what I flipped out, the landlord told me to move after his handyman had been sexually harassing me for months, it ended up that he sold the building a month later and took neighborhood pervert with him.

Sometimes God does work fast!

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