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Popularity is Overrated

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They HATE each other!! I have had SO MANY SLUTS tell me what they did with my boyfriend!!

Yeah Tony Dean comes in and I said, “So you f*ck*d Candy”.

He said, “I DID NOT”.

Candy said, “Oh yeah it was just a bl*w j*b.”

Tony said DETERMINEDLY (if that’s a word), “I DID NOT!!”

Candy said, “Oh yeah that was John Bush.”

It’s funny now but at the time I was a little annoyed!

They are always restrategizing their “situation”, however, they see it and mark my words most people who have money as their main goal NEVER get enough. They are “I want it NOW!!”

Trump’s like that because that’s what you learn with credit. Everyone wants everything NOW pay later even at a cost.

Greedy people never like each other. Do you ever notice they always seem to have at least ONE crony they use the hell out of????

I AM usually one crony or another. I have a very humble spirit and troubled people KLING to me!! I don’t mind. The people that annoy me the most are CONTROL FREAKS of ANY kind!! The worst though is the “Christian” Control Freak! They not only demand complete control of everything possible but they demand it in YOUR life too!!!

Control Freaks always “dump” me as a friend because I didn’t do something THEIR way. And almost EVERY TIME they come back.

But sadly for them, I don’t go back 😉

With so many unhealthy people being attracted to me I have had to learn to make boundaries!!!

When I start falling into THEIR negatives (which happens to me often) it’s time to put some space there.

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