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Woman’s Movement…Counterproductive…

I think ignoring the obvious spreads throughout a crowd the opposite way a group of people who’s intent is unfavorable equalize the guilt by sharing it.

It’s almost like popular opinion wins whether it’s right or not.

Why approach an obviously emotionally [unstable?] man who is known for being combative in a frenzy?

What will the predictable outcome be?


What does this accomplish?


End result?

Unrefined vs Unrefined.

Don’t we learn in Elementary school two negatives produce negative?

We can take it a step further and say a negative multiplied by a negative equals a positive and if you divide a negative by a negative you get a positive.

How would this play out in the strategy of a protest?

Multiply the number of people divided by factions.

This calls for unity in the face of diversity corresponding objectively.

In a nutshell: More people. More philosophies. Functional events.


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