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The Mysterious First Lady What’s Behind Her Beauty?

Beautiful women, on the whole, are so fake I would love to see her step away from the box (not just out) and be real. I like what I see so far.

To be fair ugly people can be just as shallow as pretty ones they just rely heavily on charisma. On the grand scheme of things according to this article the better you look the better you’re received.

I want to go beyond superficial and list what I like and admire about her so far.

She’s a nice calm quiet compliment to The Donald. It’s not because of how they look but who they are that makes it seem genuine.

Donald does get wild when he gets excited about something. This mood can strike him at any moment. All of a sudden his body language is screaming, “Hear me”, “Understand me”, or whatever his statement is at the moment. I find it hysterical the way his wife doesn’t even seem to notice. It’s not like she’s ignoring it, it doesn’t bother or even surprise her in the least. She’s immune. I’ve seen her right next to him when he goes on a rant and she never moved. Didn’t bat an eye. I know personally, I have a tendency to listen when he gets. I’m waiting to see if he explodes.

She has her own agenda.

She has her own opinion (not an easy task with The D).

I love how she carries herself.

I admire her confidence.

I like her conservative style.

I like how she knows her place when it comes to her husband’s affairs and is secure in that.

She’s from another country and had to travel here. I’m sure there’s a story there.

I wonder what it was like for her. Did she fly or take a boat? What was the trip like? Was she with her parents? Did they struggle as new immigrants? What kind of people did she travel with? I wonder what was going on in our country when she first set foot here and what was her first thought? Her first impression? Did she feel free? Was it a let down because of what she had heard about the US? Or had she visited previously? What was her motivation to come to the US?

Besides coming to America I’d like to know her philosophy on different issues.

Why she’s chosen to stay silent during her husband’s campaign? Will she use her platform? If yes will it be for women’s issues? How does she feel about immigration being an immigrant herself? I’d really love to know what she thinks about raising awareness for the need to establish support systems for children growing up in gang related areas. I would love to hear her opinion on the impact of budget cuts that eliminate children’s programs designed to extend opportunities to the poor. I want to know how important she thinks it is to invest in the children of our future.

If we’re going to turn people from gangs shouldn’t we start before they get caught up with the street life? Even setting up a support system can be inexpensive. All these kids need is guidance. Counselors and social workers aren’t paid much. Rent a storefront for these kids to go to have things to do like play games, surf the net, ping pong, sports… Provide short weekly meetings (including free pizza and drinks) focus on coping skills and assertiveness training to ensure success when confronted with negative situations that are common in their society.

I am dying to know what her stance is on climate change. I personally  think it’s useless. It’s going to happen whether Trump gives up arosol hair spary or the largest factories cut down on pollution. Some things are inevitable.




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