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Popularity is Overrated

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Donald Trump vs …

It’s almost time for Donald Trump to take over the presidency. He’s on a mission and people aren’t happy.

I’ve never voted in my life but Trump has definitely made this presidency something to watch. It’s insane. Tensions are high everywhere.

The whole world is riding on the emotional wave called The Donald. Everyone is contemplating his next move. They write whole articles based on his Tweets. Is a Twitter account so bad if you think about it?

I’m looking at Trump’s history (since history does have a way of repeating itself) and it looks as though the companies that were already established weren’t the problem it was when Trump decided to expand. It looks like he overextended himself. He rushes into too many projects in too short of time, got overwhelmed and ended up giving up most of his shares in the companies. Has Trump learned from his business experiences? The last instance was in 2014. You be the judge. Bankruptcy info. More detailed info about what he had left in the company.

Are they in worse shape than Forbes even knows about and this is why Trump doesn’t want to show his tax return? His ex wanted her hair done free!

Then there are the good old racial issues. Trump’s dad was arrested at a KKK rally. It was a minor infraction but it does make you wonder where Trump’s heart is. He was in trouble for not renting to minorities at one point.

I question his strategy in the placement of his cabinet in a few areas.

He’s not checking into his appointees. He put a woman in a “high position” in National Security but because of past plagiarisms, she didn’t take the position.

He appointed Sen. Sessions to be Attorney General the highest sector of the law yet he was turned down for judge because he once said that he thought the KKK were OK until he learned they smoked pot. Here’s the story pretty sick stuff so if you’re weak at heart don’t read it. At a time when blacks are finally sick of police brutality, he appoints someone who’s rumored to be racist.

He’s appointing people in stereotypes. A black woman to head up African American issues. Ben Carson, the brain surgeon who once said, “Poverty is a choice” was once against Trump will be head of the Housing Dept. not based on his experience or knowledge but based on the fact that he was once poor. I personally would think Ben Carson would have been better in the role of Surgeon General.

Omarosa, another new Trump official, says they have an enemy list:


My first take of Omarosa was a short stint on The Wendy Williams Show. She came off as combative. I really like how she carries herself in this video except for the end where she describes Trump like he’s God. He seems to bring out either the best or the worst in people no in between. She has a very strong personality too. I can see why he chose her but it does bother me that her role is starting to sound like she is in charge of the African American Communications. I’d rather see her be an Ambassador for  Minority Advancement. Start a program like Diversity Awareness and Expansion. Prejudism is a lack of understanding. Set up support systems for kids gang-related areas. Invest in our future.

This “enemy list” bothers me. What is he using his new platform for? Does it revolve around personal vendettas? It makes me wonder what his motives are. Does he really want to make America great again or is it a power play for Trump to get revenge (some would even say bullying)? While he’s seeking revenge we’re getting threats from China, North Korea, EU, NATO.

What are his problems with Mexicans?? Is it that his Judge involved with his lawsuit with Trump University is Mexican? Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Maybe he a psycho?

Have you heard of the Stanford experiments (not the movie)? Volunteers are introduced to a prison environment. Some are chosen as guards and some prisoners. Within hours the guards were harassing the prisoners and the prisoners took their part as well. Part of the conclusion states this, “People will readily conform to the social roles they are expected to play, especially if the roles are as strongly stereotyped as those of the prison guards.” The experiment was so brutal it had to be ended after six days instead of the original two weeks. Here are some links for more info on the Stanford Experiment:

Stanford Experiment Documentary

I like some of Trump’s immigration ideas. I’m a Christian Jew those terrorists would kill me first! And my grandchildren what will their lives be like?

On the other hand whatever happened to America being the “Melting Pot” because so many immigrants came here or did that only apply to European settlers?

This whole Hollywood outrage is ridiculous. Of course, the “popular” people are against Trump. He didn’t win the “popular” vote. They’re not so brave as to take action against him. They don’t want to take risks popularity is at stake. I think it would be wise if the elite retreated back into their plastic world. *NEWS FLASH* Adding negative to any situation not only extends it to the target but brings it back to themselves. It’s as simple as throwing a rock into the water. It always ripples back.

Then there’s the popular vote Hillary. There is something calming about her. In reality, she’s not about having someone’s back unless it helps her personal advancement. She does have experience and things wouldn’t change much. It would be a smoother ride.



What bothers me about Hillary are the sex scandals. We heard at the beginning of the campaign and all of a sudden it went quiet. I don’t know if it went quiet because it wasn’t addressed by the offending party. In which Hillary belittles the girls. What really sticks it to me is that when Bill Cosby’s issues surfaced she said that all women should be heard and believed. She did not mean that statement at all she was just directing focus from her husband’s scandal.

That email thing was a waste of time. The issue was Benghazi and she could have stopped a tragedy. Maybe that wouldn’t have gotten her further up on her personal ladder of success. If you give her the benefit of the doubt maybe she didn’t want to weaken security in one area by sending them to help. Maybe she was having trouble deciding what troops to send. Maybe she was PMSing but that’s what you get when you go with “popular”.


The reality Trump is our president.



His impulsiveness and petty insults are making people nervous. It implies he lacks control. The lack of ability to separate how he feels from making sound judgments on major issues is scary. Emotions are unreliable throw add impulsivity and things become unpredictable. People want to feel grounded. I know I’d feel much safer if Trump’s bedside personality was a bit less abrasive. He does attract conflict.

I think a big question everyone has and isn’t saying is what exactly is his plan? When did he have time to sit and construct on all by himself with no collaborators and absolutely no political experience? With all his meeting this person and going to that engagement stopping only long enough to Tweet if the mood strikes him.

Trump sure does keep us on our toes. I just hope he learns to pace himself. He seems to want to do a lot of things in a short amount of time. Solid permanent changes are worth putting time into. It’s better than having to update periodically when overlooked issues arise that could have been avoided with good planning.

I love this quote it makes so much sense but I always keep in mind never underestimate your enemies.

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?
-Abraham Lincoln

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