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Racism. Candid Opinion

Hi, I’m as white as they come. I’m really only addressing the black/white issue in America.

I’m not making an educated guess I’m talking as an onlooker.

First, it was the Indians than the blacks. We come to a new land and take over. Give the Indians a small amount of land and a promise of a steady income and leave them alone.

I’ve heard different things about how black people came to the New World. I’ve heard that their own chiefs traded them for cash. But how do we know what these people were told? We may have been telling them they’d live a better life. I don’t know I’ve never heard the African tribes side of it. I do know that they were chained in boats and force fed and treated pretty bad from the moment they met the white man’s world. Things have not gotten much better.

We whip these people. Treat them like animals. Destroy their families by ripping them apart. Deprive them of education. Rape them. Use them. Abuse them. And that’s only the beginning.

Finally, we set them “free”.

Yet still in charge, the whites don’t know what to do with them. I’m sure it was widely believed that the blacks were stupid and unable to succeed. The White man felt safe in the belief that the blacks would never be a threat. Placing them in a stereotype we dictated.

Wouldn’t it have been the wiser thing to recruit them with a job and security and education? Welcoming them to the New World with open arms willing to share in the abundance of the times? Preparing them for a future? A chance at the “American Dream”?

Instead, the whites orchestrated racial differences. They set the blacks up in cheap housing with a small income to keep them from taking anything the whites think are theirs. Like money, power, basic human rights…

As a white person, I have to say white people instigated and defined this relationship from the beginning and set it up to fail. The whites came to this land for religious freedom and all the things that come with freedom yet they restricted every freedom from the black man from the day they arrived.

Blacks who break out of this oppression are usually respected as well as feared by the whites. The weak white man feels threat the secure white man is accepting. It’s only common sense that the better things are around you the better we stand as a nation. Sadly, it’s more common to see insecurities in every aspect of humankind.

I can understand why black people don’t like white people but for the life of me, I can’t see why white people don’t like black people other than prejudice. White people form their own hate groups. The KKK, for instance, they have no respect for human dignity or equality. They confuse respect with fear. Hate and violence breeds contempt.  Where is the logic in this? Are they blind?

Take a look at those who follow Hitler. He lost. Therefore, if you are a Hitler sympathizer chances are you’re going to lose. Take the simple well-known phrase history repeats itself. If the phrase, “for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction” was known from the beginning would things have been different? If you throw negative in chances are you’re getting twice back.

There are certain traits we all share yet statistics tell us that most serial killers are middle-aged white men. The Aryan Nation gang is a prison gang of white supremacists. They are the only gang that rapes their own etc…They are small but they are feared because of their brutality.

I don’t know a lot about black people and their statistics.  You don’t have to know statistics to realize that blacks are the legal system’s job security. White cops have been brutally trying to keep the blacks in their “place” since way before Rodney King.

I have heard that it’s rare that a black person will commit suicide. I have noticed a brotherliness about them that white people can only fake.

If Black Lives Matter did things the white man’s way and did the paperwork to become a non-profit organization they wouldn’t be considered a radical group. I haven’t researched much about them but no one should have to form movements to demand their rights. They’ve had to form their own colleges, their own religions, their own schools, their own culture…

A lot of white people see the success of black people as growth where others are threatened by it and rebel (even if silently). Of course, there are blacks who are threatened by the power-hungry white man and rebel. Then there are the black people who get passed it and excel.

In the end, maybe we’ll all be the same race and face other issues together as one people. I sincerely doubt it. I think prejudice will always be an issue. If it’s not color it will be something else like religion, gender identity, sexual preference, political party. The list goes on.

Someone will always have a problem with what someone else is doing. They’d rather right you than improve themselves. I learned a long time ago some people never go below the surface. Some people will always be on that first step. Their own biases keep them stuck.

In boils down to this we all have choices to make. Good or bad. It’s our heart that makes us who we are. If people would examine themselves and base their motives on good intentions the world would be a better place.

United we stand, divided we fall.



2 comments on “Racism. Candid Opinion

  1. waternymph88 says:

    Excellent post xxx

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