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Popularity is Overrated

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Adding to the Mix

So often I see people adding to a negative circumstance by using negativity. This leads to more conflict.

Don’t we all kind of deep down inside like peace?

It’s really as simple as we reap what we sow. Or for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

I would like to know why Trump in such an important position cares what some woman says or is he just trying to cover for more important matters? Like firing two major people who overlook our nuclear weapons with or without a backup plan?

This hip hops music genre that has overtaken America is based on petty issues. It’s entertaining to watch them argue. I mean no one ever “wins” but it’s funny. I follow a couple volatile people on Twitter just for a laugh.

This is the younger generation. Hopefully, they’ll reach an understanding or have serious issues to deal with and realize how stupid the things are that they once thought mattered so much.

North Korea says they have weapons that can reach to the US. Trump says what people want to hear that it’ll never happen. I’ve always believed it’s never a good idea t0 underestimate your enemies. I don’t hear him coming up with a plan of defense, in fact, he said he’s minimizing our military.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not exactly for Hillary either. She’s not someone to depend on although she has had more political experience. It’s a tossup as far as I’m concerned.

Obama’s took a lot of abuse over their eight years in office. I admire the way they handled it. They ignored it and focused on more relevant matters.

I’ve watched men go into the presidential office full of energy and ready to change the world. When they come out they look 20 years older and go into some kind of retirement. Except for Obama. He acquired some gray but doesn’t have the haggard look that most of them do.

Trump pulls out the emotion in people. It seems you really like him or you really don’t. This is no big deal until it affects foreign relations. He’s already on the outs with Mexico over this stupid wall. I wonder if he’s weighed his options with this. Pumping up border control would create jobs and maybe, in the long run, be cheaper and wiser.

I’ve never been into politics but this year it was actually entertaining. I’m pretty sure we’ll see some conflicts as Trump seems to feed off of them.


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