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People walk around like robots waiting for their batteries to wear out. They don’t live for life! They don’t get the whole thing. The one thing I totally believe is

The one thing I totally believe is in Heaven and Hell. Most people will go to Hell.

I watch the Wendy Williams Show and just speculated that most of the people that are mentioned in Hot Topics are going to Hell. They rely on their money and like the Wolf On Wallstreet people are mostly that way.

The road to destruction is wide and many follow it.

Sadly I wonder if I’ll hear Beyonce in Heaven. I wonder if my sister will be in Heaven for that matter.

That will make me sad. I need to get into the habit of praying for these people. My prayer life totally sucks…! I have to get in the habit of doing more than morning devotions. Like through the day having that fellowship. Isn’t that the whole reason God wants us to submit to Him?

I’ve been repenting and asking for help in forgiving my dad. He was a real dick. Since I’ve been thinking a lot about Heaven and Hell I think of him and hope he’s in Hell. Yet my sister (who also drank herself to death) I hope when she said her prayers she said the right stuff and is in Heaven.

Then again I have heard that when you go to Heaven your whole family does too. Someone told me it’s in the bible Click Here Acts 16:31 This is one verse. But I really hope so.

I have a desire to warn people of Hell and what happens to you and how real it is. It isn’t the things here that matter except for your heart and are you doing the right things to the best of your ability. I don’t want a lot of people going there.

To be honest there are people I really don’t fell led to tell them about my insight about God.

I’ve decided to surround myself with people and I’ve decided to start by going to church. After all my terrible experiences with “churches”, I’m going to keep my mouth shut most of the time. I’m going to be cautious.

They say they have community impact. I’ll see. I’m not trusting any of these people right away. I hope I have enough insight to recognize someone with the spirit or not. Well, I hope so.

In the long run, what really matters is Eternity this whisp of a life is practically pointless!! I still want to help people but I have to know when to give up too.

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