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I Have Been Up For Days Now I’m Hallucinating!!

You know I don’t care how old your kids get you’re still going to try to be there and be supportive.

I may move down there. Thank God with as crazy as I was I always had total stability. I just lacked structure. As many battles that I’ve one about my mental order, I’m really having a struggle with stability and following a schedule. I can loosely follow it sometimes but I let my moods motivate me too much!! There has got to be some kind of mental and/or spiritual exercise to ease that impulsiveness. I have to say I’ve done EXCELLENT with impulsiveness. Of course, I’ve totally decided just to do nothing with I’m not sure is exactly the healthy way to go in the long run.

I’ve come to the mind that if you’re not sure what you should do then the best thing to do is nothing. I can’t do that in my situation. I have to move. I’m not going to hightail it up there till after the cold weather anyway. Yeah, Puxitony Phil said we’re up for a short winter. If only life were so easy do be able to depend on a random animal to make predictions even man isn’t always right about it. Especially when he has NO idea what’s going on. I wonder what he thinks about all the strange men with the hats??? I think he looked and acted like he couldn’t get away with them!!!

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