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I Have Been Up For Two Straight Days.

My daughter went to jail and I have been so stressed out. I don’t know if I should move there and help her with her stability and lack of domestic tendencies. I really want to bring her here but she will get bored and she likes to create unnecessary drama when things get like that. She gets bored really easy. And she lives for the guy she’s with. I mean this guy looks rough in his mug shot. He has dreads tattoos and sells drugs.

They had five bricks of heroin, a half-ounce of crack and coke and some weed. He took all the blame but she’s getting it for conspiracy because she had the heroin on her.

She has three little kids that are with their cousins right now. I wish she would get something in court that I could have partial custody. This isn’t her first brush with the law.

She always chooses guys that sell drugs! ALWAYS! I don’t have to worry about her doing drugs she hardly even drinks but still she’s addicted to that lifestyle. I want her to come here (I live in another state) and start over with a job so I can watch the kids while she works. She doesn’t know anyone like that around her. The question is will she be able to break this negative pattern of choosing the kind of men that spend most of their time in jail….


15 comments on “I Have Been Up For Two Straight Days.

  1. Human Interest says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all this… How much time is she going to do? Why don’t you try to get custody of them? You seem fit and it may even be in the best interest of those kids, if they were with you instead of with the cousin. Wait, is the father around and part of their lives?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s in jail too. She’ll be getting out and the boyfriend said everything was his so she’ll get it for conspiracy which she’ll probably get probation. Hopefully. I would love to have them she just needs to put something on paper with the courts but she keeps dragging her feet. We are about three hours away from each other and it might as well be light years!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Human Interest says:

        Hopefully she is given just probation because jail time wouldn’t be good. I hope she doesn’t wait around for that guy either. I don’t care if he took all of the blame, she deserves better! What state are you in? I’m sure there’s something you can do instead of waiting on her. Not for nothing but your daughter is in jail right now so waiting on her is not the best idea.

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      2. Her cousins getting her out next week but I’m just afraid this pattern will continue

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      3. Human Interest says:

        As you should be, which is why I think you should try to get custody of the children.

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      4. I want her to give me partial custody. I want her to move here and get a job while I baby sit. She’s just so addicted to action. She can’t sit and be domestic and happy with that. She’s always been like that. I was excited to learn to cook she wanted no part of it!! Her kids live on TV dinners!!

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      5. Human Interest says:

        That’s no good. I know she’s your daughter and all but she sounds like toxic. Sounds like you want to bring yourself problems…. TV dinners are so bad for our health! Those things are processed and packed with sodium. You should get full custody but that’s just me…

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      6. Human Interest says:

        Hell yeah!

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      7. Human Interest says:

        How’s everything?

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Much better! I’ve decided to take advantage of this calm time and focus on my relationship with God. It’s the most important thing in life. My Eternity 😉

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      9. Human Interest says:


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      10. Human Interest says:

        You’re welcome

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