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My Psycho Neighbor Is Finally Moving!!


I have never been so grateful for anything in my life (lately). I feel free!

No more screaming in the hallway. No more trying to provoke me.

We were friends and then she lost her virginity (in her mid-thirties) and the guy dumped her. She became so obsessed with him he had to get a restraining order. On top of then, her sister died. She went off the deep end!

She would come to my house five times a day complaining about someone stalking her!! Obsessively!!

She accused me of sending her something on Facebook that related to her dead sister and was screaming at me. I just shut my door on her and that was the end of our friendship.

She dismissed the idea of someone stalking her. Then she thought that people were coming in her apartment when she wasn’t home. She thought the neighbors had a conspiracy against her.

She zeroed in on me. We live across the hall from each other. She would walk back and forth in the hallway talking to me. One time she actually became engaged in our conversation with her comments as she sat outside my door! Then she called the police on us!

The police are so fed up with her they’ve threatened for her to forcefully be examined in the ER. She was cursing at the neighbors. They noted psychiatric issues also. They’ve also threatened to arrest her if she goes to them with no new matters. I guess she was looking for someone to talk to. She talks incisively, especially about her obsessions.

One day she went too far talking out in the hallway about her opinion of my personal life. I went out in the hall and punched her in the face among other things. She hit me with her keys, kicked me and spit on me after screaming at me!! She attacked me then she got a protection order against me. The judge mentioned to her that she had symptoms of someone with a mental disorder. He said if I came to him for an order he would grant it. So thankfully I have one against her.

The cop that was there for the altercation was so nice. He said he was sorry he had to give us both a disorderly conduct. He advised me to get all the police reports of her calls and show that she is a nuisance. I also checked her criminal background to see what I could find. I found another incident where she was getting evicted. She was having problems with her neighbors as one of the reasons so I could show this was a pattern of hers.

She is vengeful and people like that usually end up falling in their own traps. Especially when I don’t give her a second thought other than her tirades in the hallway. Lately, I just turn up whatever I might be listening to. I don’t care to hear her talk.

She has been threating to turn me into the mayor since the police don’t want anything to do with her. She was saying someone was turning off her lights from the outside and she saw me at the breaker! Which is an outright lie. I’m hoping the mayor will refer her to the police since it is a police matter.

Today she is moving! She will be back tomorrow to clean and then that’s it! Finally! She kept saying she was moving and not but today and tomorrow are times of celebration for me!


I hope everyone else is having a good day!


One comment on “My Psycho Neighbor Is Finally Moving!!

  1. noimnotok says:

    Hooray for you

    Liked by 1 person

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