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10 Red Flags I Need To Watch For: Building Healthy Boundaries

Since I have a pattern of attracting crazy people I thought I’d write a common list of red flags I usually ignore.

I almost always have at least one of these people attach themselves to my hip. I thought the sooner I correlate the warnings with the boundaries I will create the better plan.

*Common Red Flags I see*


  1. Wanting to be around me all the time. Demanding with my time. Time is very important to me right now. For the first time in a long time, I’m focused on my mental health and how I can help myself. How I can develop into the better person. 
  2. Fake flattery. Usually makes me loath a person immediately!
  3. Tells me how I should live my life. A little advice is OK but don’t let it get overwhelming. Don’t make me justify myself.
  4. Doesn’t respect my boundaries. Looking further into this one and setting early healthy boundaries from the start! Especially with time!
  5. Accuses you (or anyone) of being the reason they fail.
  6. Talk about bad past relationships. Incessantly!
  7. Liars…cheaters…theives…self-explanatory.
  8. Immature. Inability to care for themselves appropriately. Watch for excessive borrowers. I have enough of those right now thanks!
  9. Put’s my idea(s) down or doesn’t agree with my point. Critical thinking is good and sometimes people help us here but sometimes it goes too far.
  10. Stay away from someone who talks too much.


My life is directed to time management. I don’t don’t think anyone realizes how pivotal it is for me to get into a routine. I won’t be at rest in that area as long as it’s so up in the air like it is.

As time goes on with Bipolar Disorder I know what works and what doesn’t. Lithium works.

I need to create boundaries for self-defense against the next negative person. I’m just waiting for them to creep up on me.

I wanted to pinpoint where I am weak and keep attracting the same damn losers! I decided to focus on solutions.



  • Don’t give too much information about myself. Let a relationship evolve not add water and it springs forth! I need to know if this is going to be a positive person in my life or not and sometimes I don’t spot the negative soon enough. People should take the time to learn each other. We shouldn’t immediately fit with anyone! I’ve seen so many people who click right away only end up not being friends a short time later.
  • If someone talks about anyone in a negative way WATCH THEM! Keep those boundaries intact! I just agree with these people, if that. I don’t try to establish any real contact. Don’t initiate any conversation (and you know they will).
  • Restrain a lot of time from people who focus on any unhealthy thoughts obsessively.
  • Set boundaries for these borrowing type of people. Only give them so much based on what they are doing for themselves. Don’t let people use me.
  • There are core things I believe in. I have to spend time focusing on the spirit part of my life. I have to be more into God and focus on reading the bible. I need to get back into that routine. I’ll use Charles Stanley and Our Daily Bread. I’m investigating a site a friend gave me. I’m not sure about it or not yet it’s Jehovah’s Witness. I told her I’m not going knocking on doors and she said I don’t have to. She’s real caught up in this and has been for seven years! She’s been married for nine I haven’t talked to her in the 90’s last! Until last night…
  • Stay away from someone who talks too much. A Proverb. Do it…

2 comments on “10 Red Flags I Need To Watch For: Building Healthy Boundaries

  1. These are very good red flags. A few more to watch out for….
    They blame other people or institutions for their mistakes and failures…
    …They see themselves a more special than other people and desreving of special vip treatment….
    …They talk about people behind their backs and then act like their ally to their face….
    …They try to make you think that they are the only person you need in your life and you cannot survive without them.

    Be ware of these predators. They will drink your blood and leave you to die.

    You deserve much better. ❤💙💜💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-you for those additions! You are so right! I need to distance myself from a couple of those that are in my life right now! I can’t stand someone who just sits around talking about other people in a negative way and you know eventually you’ll be the one they talk about!


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