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My Psycho Neighbor Strikes Again! Yikes!!

I have to sit and do nothing! This is abuse if you ask me. I can’t even look out my door without a problem if she’s involved!

She starts yelling about how people are watching her and keeping notes on her activities. She thinks everyone in this building is plotting against her. She’s extremely immature for one thing.

I am sitting quietly talking to the neighbors and BOOM! I make an impulsive decision to open my door and isn’t she walking in. I never open my door unless I’m coming in or going out. One day I decide to look out and she’s there!!!

My Neighbor had to run out and tell her no one was talking about her or anything! She believed her, but I wish she’d get over thinking the world revolves around her!

She’s supposed to be moving and I hope she does!!

Rita Elswick…fate will never let me forget that name.

I am going to make sure I never fall into this predicament again!

For future reference I will watch for red flags:

  1. Getting attached to me too quickly. Relationships should take the time to evolve.
  2. Telling me what’s best for me in my life especially when their life is a mess!
  3. Nervous fidgeting too often. Nervous energy can be negative depending on the other red flags like chronic complaining.
  4. Talks too much! Stay away from a person who talks too much because sooner or later they’ll be talking about you!
  5. Constant arguing with close family members.
  6. Has no other friend but me. I really need to get away from those kinds of people they attach themselves to me. Remember Marsh, they have no friends for a reason!!
  7. Demanding with my time. I really need my space. I thrive on it and some people tend to be demanding with it.
  8. Constantly losing things and then freaking out only to find whatever it was and laugh. Miss Psycho herself told the bus driver off because she lost her keys that were on my table.
  9. Chronic complainer. I can’t stand a person who complains all the time.
  10. Jumping to conclusions about things they know nothing about. Someone who talks about others as if they’re better is a big mistake. Total insecurity!!
  11. Borrow’s more than the average neighbor. Everyone makes a mistake or a check comes late or something but every month. I mean this was the worst she borrowed light bulbs, toilet paper (once even complained about having to walk to the store because it was raining and I hadn’t texted her back right away), bleach, mousse, hair spray, dish soap, shampoo…etc…the list goes on but seriously aren’t we adults who learn what we necessities we need? Some people never grow up I guess).
  12. Flattery! Can’t forget this one. I hate flattery! Especially when it’s not coming from the heart. I can see a fake a day away these days.
  13. Watch the words “best friend!” I haven’t had a real best friend since fourth grade! I attract people who like to screw me over after calling me “best friend” ummm…no thank-you…! Next person who utters the word “best friend” I will immediately put some space there!! Unless it’s a person you’ve known for years no…best friend is not the way to go! I have one person I would say is my “best” friend and it’s iffy.




4 comments on “My Psycho Neighbor Strikes Again! Yikes!!

  1. noimnotok says:

    Sounds like Louise’s friend Millie in Bob’s Burgers. Try Season4 Episode2 and Season5 Episode12. Because if you can laugh about it then you can deal with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That exessive borrowing is ridiculous. So what if she had to go to the store in the rain and buy it for herself? So do the rest of us. That is a sign of narcissistic personality disorder to think you so special that you should not have to do the same things everyone else has to do.
    She also seems to show signs of Malignant Borderline personality disorder because of her severe mood disregulation.
    This combination is one of the worst narcissists to be in any kind of relationship with.
    I wish you could move. She will keep making you miserable to the best of her ability.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s going to move. If she doesn’t go willingly the landlord plans to evict her so she’ll be gone eventually. She’ll still be in this town I fear!


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