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I Haven’t Talked To Donna In Two Years I Couldn’t Believe What Happened!

Her husband of 45 years ended because he died. They were the best couple ever!

I’ve never seen anything like their relationship. They were like the grandparents who loved each other. They would have stayed together forever. That was their plan even when they had moments where they disagreed. They knew that it was going to pass because everything did. Penn was so funny!! He had a lot of friends standing room only at the funeral.

He got in a car accident and had a brain injury. His head was caved in on one side. He wasn’t the same somehow she said. He could talk and he knew them, but he got confused.

We talked for FIVE hours!!


You just never know when you’re going to lose someone you love. I reached out to my children and told them I love them (except for my youngest, that’s a whole other story. She’s pregnant and she gets weird. Her last pregnancy we didn’t even talk for the last few months. I guess it’s going to be this way this pregnancy too. She’s been at the hate me stage since she was like 12..!)

I don’t understand why this would happen to two people who believe in God. They truly loved each other. Planning to spend their lives together! I would LOVE that!! If I had feelings like that for someone I’d never let them go!!

But like anything shallow in my life I get excited over it, read it, and get bored! I guess it’s the types I’ve met for the most part. I attract LOSERS!! People with serious problems are drawn to me! I’m going to keep going over boundaries for the next people that come into my life.

~I need to learn more about red flags~


I’ve totally given up the idea in my life of that ever happening!! Some people try to say, “Oh you never know.” Like, Wendy. Love that show 🙂

She’s (Wendy) normified the “elite” to an extent. Her simple insights are so funny! I would never do that job! She sits there and talks too much sometimes! I wonder if someone isn’t going to reach out and try to kill her! I worry about this woman! Like SHUT UP! But the simple logic is hilarious!

I used to see these rich types as above God (or right up there with Him). Now I kinda see more money often brings more troubles. Why can’t a superstar maintain a relationship? I’ve heard it’s because of their arrogant attitudes. They are so used to people swooning over them they expect it from their spouse instead of being real. Shouldn’t there be a shared awe or something? I would love to see Jay-Z and Beyonce stay together for 20 years!

I have no idea what it takes to make it when it comes to relationships! Part of me wishes I had loving parents and a supportive home. But because I didn’t I attract total nut jobs  I don’t need that in my life right now. And I have promised myself that I will put more effort into checking red flags!

The only way I’ll be with anyone really is if it’s what God wants. He’s the only thing I know that knows anything about love! I sure don’t! (Except Georgie)

…I had my dog and I cried more for him my own sister, mother or dad!! He taught me, love 🙂

This is my favorite pic of Georgie.

This is my favorite pic of Georgie.

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