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Someone I Knew From My Past Has Found Me, Besides That Everything Is Going Well

I think I talked waaay too much. I’m a little manic and seeing someone I used to know shot me right into orbit. Yay…haven’t talked to him since fourth grade…oh well, could be worse right?

I don’t see people I used to know very often.

There are some good things happening in my life:

Lithium is hitting home YAY!!

  • Time management is going smooth!
  • I’ve been controlling my mania very well. I might stay up late tonite, though. But bedtime and wake up time are pretty close to the same every day and night.
  • I have established some new assertiveness boundaries. My neighbor’s stole right out of my refrigerator! I couldn’t believe it!! I had to look and look again and look around. Yes, they really did steal my juice. It was an inconvenience and now I know I can’t trust them! At first, I felt so betrayed I was going to end the friendship but is juice concentrate worth a friendship. So I am NEVER going to say, “Help yourself” again! From now on I will go into my storage containers. I also may answer the door less (is that a copout?).
  • I’ve enjoyed researching self-awareness and self-motivation this week. Self-motivation is a gift I am so glad I have! I want to capture just the right words and blog about what I’ve learned in these two areas. I like seeing what other people have to say about their own self-awareness and compare them to me.
  • My house is spotless. I’ve been cleaning a little every day and it’s really working. Phew! That’s always a relief.

What I need to improve and what strategy I will use:

  • I need to blog more. I’ll put it on my daily planner twice a day.
  • Facebook has twice a day. I don’t need to improve this too much, but I just wanted to throw it in there. Facebook is my Support Group!!
  • Stumbleupon/Twitter once a day for at least an hour. This one I fight with because it conflicts with my research so I’ll have to make a mental note to follow my daily plan closer.
  • I really need to work on moving away from research, but sometimes I get on something and don’t want to stop for Stumbleupon.

I’m glad to see the good outweighs the areas I need to work on.


5 comments on “Someone I Knew From My Past Has Found Me, Besides That Everything Is Going Well

  1. Kel of Duty says:

    Where do you find the time? I want to do more social media and research, which I used to have so much time for but with my new responsibilities at work, I only have time at home. How did you make Facebook a support group? Did you unfollow/unsubsribe to obnoxious people? Congrats on the Lithium and congrats, congrats, congrats all around!!! Yay!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My block list on Facebook is almost as long as my friend list! I am an animal activist and befriended a lot of other animal lovers and we all have one common denominator.

      I’ve just started to address time management so I plan my time wisely and follow my day to day planner pretty well. I spent more time here today than I meant to but it’ll level out.

      Thank-you so much for all the well wishing I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kel of Duty says:

        HAHAHAHAH 😂 lol @ block list!! HAHAHAHA lol do you have any tips for day planners? Do you use an app? Ever note? Or do you use traditional notebooks with a calendar? And of course, it is my pleasure and thank you for sharing!!


      2. I use an excel program a daily planner and it’s working well. I have a physical yearly planner I am going to fill out. It’s not like I have a lot of pressing dates. I go to the doctor once a month and grocery shopping. Those are my big events other than that my day is pretty much set up to adopt a routine…soon….

        Liked by 1 person

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