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My Neighbor Is A Total Psycho! Why Is She Focusing On Me?

I don’t know what it is about me that attracts certain people in a negative way. This has been happening to me for years! They do terrible things!

Here are just a couple examples:

One woman who called me her “best” friend yet she would pour bleach on my plants and call the manager to the housing complex and say my grass wasn’t cut! Some strange guy moved in after her and would scream and yell and cuss and swear if I did something like put the radio too loud at 3:00 in the afternoon!! He was really mean to me for no absolute reason. I always have and always will keep a safe distance from a man I don’t know therefore we didn’t even know each other!

Ten years went by and I didn’t have very many problem neighbors.

Then I moved to Ohio…

I found Rita. She was my first friend here and I thought she was a good choice.

  • She had friends so I wouldn’t be her only friend (only to find out that they were people she had seen on the bus-she takes the busses constantly!)
  • She doesn’t do drugs or drink much alcohol.
  • She knew her way with the busses and really helped me get around (making me feel obligated to be her friend. I won’t let someone obligate me like that again!)

I didn’t look for red flags (a mistake I will not forget again!)

  • She talks incessantly.
  • She’s paranoid.
  • She loves the idea of revenge.
  • She can’t get along with people in her own family at all!
  • She falsely smells gas and will call the fire department, police and/or building inspector.
  • She was demanding with my time (I won’t let that happen again!)

I was lonely and missed my family so I was glad for her company, at first. It got to the point where I didn’t answer my door.

Rita was so annoying! She constantly talked and repeats herself. She would constantly say that she’s a nice person (who is she trying to convince?). She would cuss and swear in front of my grandchildren. I would have to keep reminding her.

She would go on and on about someone stalking her. She thinks guys want her. This was her rant at the time.

She came to my door screaming about her dead sister and asking her why I sent her a picture of someone dead! I had sent her a list of photo’s on Facebook I thought she would like, she’s into photography.

I shut the door and that was the end of our friendship.

Then she started calling the police a lot (obsessively) about someone being in her apartment when she’s not home. The police found no proof of anyone being in there.

When she wants me to know something she screams it out in the hall. She’s now calling the mayor about problems she’s having. I don’t know what the mayor will do, but I have papers that back up any proof I need about her troubles with the police. The police have gone as far as telling her they will arrest her if she comes on their property for no reason and I have a copy of that police report.

She provoked me to one point where I punched her in the face. She got a protection order on me! Meanwhile, she hit me with her keys and kicked me. I had to get one on her so she didn’t have the upper hand. I got all the calls she made. I had calls made about her. I have a pile of papers if she wants to do it legally. She was upset, but the judge saw through her and granted me one also. He mentioned at her hearing about her having symptoms of mental illness. Her sister says the same thing, but she won’t do anything about it. I found out when I did this that she’s been evicted from the past two places that she’s lived (and have the documentation).


Right now my daughter needs to come here she’s having some personal problems and really needs my support at this point.

Rita will have a field day! She is supposedly leaving in about two weeks, but my daughter can’t wait that long!

I think I’m going to have to send my daughter to a shelter until Rita leaves. I don’t know what else to do! She doesn’t want to go to one, but it may be her only choice.

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