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Time Management and Manic Behavior

I wonder how many people hate me because of my hours long posting music videos….was I a little manic?? Ahhhh…YEA!!

So these manic episodes are really making time management impossible!!

I’m giving myself three months. Until March. Then I’m going back on Lithium…

So far everything I’ve had to work in being bipolar I’ve overcome. I can be very proud of myself for that!

But this time management is beating me!!

I have to stop letting myself go manic. I can feel it coming on and I decide to just go with it and then look what happens! I stay up for days then sleep for days!

Like tonight for instance. I’m telling myself since I took my meds late I can stay up ONE night! So I have to combat this situation by diminishing my ability to stay awake. There are times I’m so manic the night pills don’t do anything.

The problem is I like my manic states! I love the feeling of euphoria!!

I’m so sorry I went crazy and posted all that music 🙂



4 comments on “Time Management and Manic Behavior

  1. Dale Morris @ UIDgraphics says:

    Hey Babe,

    Personally I think it’s in the triggers and maybe your meds just need adjustment. Yes again. And Yeah that’s what we do in mania we like it cause it’s energizing and our minds move quickly and we can think on something with extreme clarity. The only problem is sleep deprivation causes our thinking to become skewed and our judgment gets off. Perhaps some sleeping pills for a while to get you on a schedule?

    The flip side can be too that what follows manic episodes are bouts of depression. So sometimes we do whatever we can to get out of that which can then cause mania again.

    Maybe your fighting it to much. Maybe relax and don’t beat yourself up over it – that could be causing it to be exacerbated. Maybe meditation would help. I’m sure you will get this in control in time but remember your sleep schedule has been off for quite some time so it takes time to correct.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m giving myself three months if I’m not straight by then I’m asking for Lithium.


  2. noimnotok says:

    “Manic phase! Manic phase! It’s a period of depression followed by a manic phase, manic phase! Manic phase!” fits perfectly to the chorus of She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (the “cavalry” bit). Unfortunately this tune has been ruined over the years by football fans.

    Liked by 1 person

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