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Can Anyone Help Me With This Unfavorable Aspect About Myself?


When I begin something new, it could be anything, a job, a relationship, a new project etc…at first I get fully engrossed in it. I give it everything I’ve got. It will hold my focus and complete attention. I’ll spend every free moment pouring over it.

Then…I’m bored…

I lose all interest usually abandoning it left unfinished, hurt feelings and dust in my wake and I don’t care. I can’t make myself care either. I’m just done.



6 comments on “Can Anyone Help Me With This Unfavorable Aspect About Myself?

  1. I can relate but have no ways to help sometimes it’s just our personality

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    1. That’s what I was afraid of

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  2. cazzroo says:

    hey… i’ve had this a lot too… when I’m; high i’m all over things, then drop them when i come down… but through the work i’ve done this year especially, I’ve been able to discern more and more ideas that come that are worth putting time into and those that aren’t…
    I believe we are like radars and can pick up on ideas that are floating in the mass consciousness … therefore 1000 people might all have the same idea planted to take humanity forward, but only a few might see it come to seed….

    but that is just on “ideas’ and business ventures… what I feel is, that sometimes I’m buzzing with energy, and get loads of motivation for things, but then i burn out because i do too much, whcih just sucks my energy, and because i’ve not taken time out to just “be” i’m having a burn out and then really can’t be bothered… its all about balance (funny because i keep pulling tarot style cards saying balance to me!)….

    what i think is people like us, also want to help people, save the world, stop pain, and you get sometimes in a place where you can connect to your highest creative self, where there are ideas a go-go… but we can’t possible ground them all into reality… when we are centered, there is less urgency for things, and we allow life to unfold around us.. trusting that life is ok, and we will be fine!…. have you ever seen Matt Kahn videos? he has REALLYhelped me with my life perspective… iv’e been into spiritua stuff for years, knowing that my ups and downs have been rooted with pain i’ve not allowed myself to feel.. this gives me urges to succeed, so i have self-worth, but then I can’t back it up then i hate myself more… what we all can do is love ourselves for being ourselves with or without success, and therefore we try less hard to succeed, and just allow oursleves to “BE”…i’m still learning this, after being a big achiever in school then flunking the rest of my life and spending loads of time on weed to dull the pain of life!…

    not sure what points i’ve made haha!… but balance is the key… not having massive high standars… omg i’m really listening to this thinking yes caroline, yo wanna try doing that too then?!?!? 🙂 many blessings and much love to you!

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    1. You are FUNNY! I loved it. You gave me a lot of idea! I think what I need to do that will help is pace myself. Don’t use all my energy in one place at one time….like you said balance!


  3. Juni Desireé says:

    I can be like this too sometimes. Gretchen Rubin calls it being a ‘starter’ rather than a ‘finisher,’ where we get a thrill from starting things rather than finishing them so we jump from start to start. The thing that helps me is goal setting because I love completing goals. So if I care about a project enough, I’ll set a goal of what I want to have finished and I’m excited to get there.

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    1. Great idea. Maybe I’ll start off with a set of small goals and go from there.


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