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Am I The Only One Who Sees Through Trump????

Has anyone else paid attention to what’s going on with the presidential candidates?

Trump goes throws a lot of insults around and to me that shows insecurity. Hell, his hair alone shows how insecure he is!! That comb-over I mean come on we all age! I say do it gracefully and accept who you are! Be empowered by the wisdom in that comes with age!

He interrupts with his big mouth and keeps piling on the rude comments and insults. Where is he getting his information? I don’t see too many clear answers from him at all!

He doesn’t expound on his plans for removing the illegal immigrants. He generalizes everything. He has no clear plans for how he’s going to actually do anything. Seriously how does he expect to ship millions of immigrants out of the country at one time? Is he going to put everyone on trains like the Nazi’s did? I mean come on! Planes? SUV’s?

He expects Mexico to pay for this wall he’s putting up around the country? Come on does he think these people are stupid?

Trump has an over-inflated ego built on money that was given to him as an inheritance. He isn’t exactly a self-made man. He has three to five bankruptcies that left people in dept after trusting in his “good” name. These people lost money in these companies Trump built. He wasn’t affected. It was the company that went down and anyone who had invested in it.

He doesn’t go into any detail of any of his plans. He says he’d bomb ISIS but if it were that easy don’t you think we’d be doing it? There are many experts on the subject that he would have to inquire their services and wisdom. They would tell him of the best strategies to use and why. You can just bomb someone and that’s it. I mean there’s strategy which he doesn’t seem to have much of.

I’ll tell you what he’s selling confidence! He runs a good pitch too. He sells himself well. He has sold many people on the Trump name. He gets people to invest and they end up empty. He pulls the plug leaving trusting people to pick up the pieces while he ends up unharmed.

I understand that in times like these we are desperate for someone who will lead us safely. I would love it if Trump actually did all he said he was going to do! He has no game plan.

I believe in being totally transparent. Maybe it’s my old age and I don’t care anymore.  I’ve decided to be who I am if people like it great if they don’t oh well…bye!!



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