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Resolve… Building Firm Foundations

It’s so important in this day and age to be stable. Emotional stability is important.

People are always looking for fulfillment. Desperate for satisfaction.

Let me reveal the secret to emotional stability.

You will escape emotional chaos, gain a healthy perspective, enjoy emotional stability, develop confidence and have the security of a successful future.

~Everyone has unresolved issues, it’s inevitable~

Everyone has had some interaction with a negative influences.

Everyone strives for resolve in circumstances and emotions. The degree of urgency varies depending upon past experiences, self perceptions and the emotional state of an individual. Other factors can influence your drive to seek resolution.

Unresolved issues establish negative patterns. A person will continuously relive past experiences and circumstances that took place with unfavorable outcomes.

This will lead to repeated mistakes that produce negative circumstances, unwanted outcomes and emotional chaos. Often the negativity will unfold to unhealthy social interactions.

The affects are heightened insecurities and anxieties, frustration and anger. Bitterness and hatred can become embedded. He or she will become emotionally exhausted. In their weak and vulnerable state they are susceptible to increased negativity and can be driven to profound depths of misery and despair. Repeated failure may cause feelings of uselessness and/or a lack of ambition. It can make a person feel trapped and/or hindered.


I had to determine what were bipolar traits and what was causing me grief because of circumstances that were out of my control. I had to look at how they affected each other.


I had impulsive emotional outbursts

I did almost everything on impulse.

I would react on my emotions instead of thinking about my actions.

I didn’t plan because I couldn’t predict my moods. I would always warn people that I play everything by ear.
I had feelings of uselessness when I wasn’t on top of the world able to accomplish anything.

I had unrealistic goals and thought I could accomplish more than possible only to become discouraged and give up.

My emotions ran from aloof to raw within seconds but they were mostly undefined.

**My bipolar disorder caused drama, chaos, unhealthy circumstances and unexpected outcomes**

~Some of my bipolar issues were aggravated by unresolved issues~


I found myself thinking about my past and how unhappy I was.

I felt like I had been treated unfairly. I wanted justice. I wanted to see people pay for their atrocities.

I relived bad experiences over and over.


When something unexpected whether good or bad came up I made myself be still. I practiced being still for a long time.

I would think of different strategies to achieve desired results.

I had positive self talks.

I used reasoning to make decisions and reach conclusions.

I put an end to repeated negative behavior by learning to overlook insults. As I began to embrace acceptance I gained understanding into the motives of others. That what drives them is based on their own miserable prisons they’ve trapped themselves in.


I began to resolve matters within myself.

I had a sense of accomplishment.

I gained confidence because of successful outcomes.

I developed good judgment.

I’m much more reliable.

I no longer have animosity.

This puts people at ease with me. People appreciate a person who is genuine. I usually have a lot of friends. Kids and dogs are drawn to me.


3 comments on “Resolve… Building Firm Foundations

  1. Xanziepan says:

    Aw wow that’s so cool your managing to ‘solve’ these things, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I do pretty well when I’m on my own 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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