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My Love Affair With Facebook

It all started on my birthday May 11, 2015. That was 19 days ago.

I decided I was going to sit on Facebook. I’ve had a profile for ages but never really gotten into Facebook until…

I began making posts on the subject of animal abuse. It took off in a way I never expected. People are commenting on my posts liking and sharing them. I made a bunch of new friends and I get new friend requests every day. I never thought I’d get so many likes. I used to be happy if I got five likes now I get up to 60!

I’ve hardly slept! I hate to be away from it because someone might comment and I’ll miss something. Even while I’m writing this I’m periodically checking my Facebook.

I feel like I’m doing something! My time is useful! I’m helping these sweet silent creatures that can’t help themselves. I love it!

I’m bonding with these people. Animal lovers are truly wonderful. They are passionate about their cause. They are thoughtful, caring and supportive. I am so glad I met them!

Before my Facebook friends were nonexistent. I mean I had tons of friends but we didn’t interact. I was never on and I never posted a status!!

I post mostly about dog and cat issues. I post petitions, tons and tons of petitions. I have signed so many of them I don’t even have to fill in my information it’s already on there. I post cute pictures and sayings too. I also post a lot of dogs who need a home.

But…is this just a fleeting moment and like everything else in my life I’ll get bored and move on?

Well because no know I have a tendency to do this I want to think of a strategy to avoid this.

I’ve already been on day and night for about two weeks with no sleep. Before I get burned out I’m going to have to pace myself.

I already wrote out a schedule for the time I spend on social media (although I’ve totally ignored it since my Facebook fling). I have to rewrite it, Facebook will obviously take more time than I thought.

**Think Balance**

I’m going to let myself bask in Facebook till I crash and then I’m going to wake up and set up the new schedule and stick to it!


3 comments on “My Love Affair With Facebook

  1. alyse7 says:

    I wonder the same thing as I have just started a blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’ll get bored with it? I’m trying to pace myself so I don’t get overwhelmed and quit altogether.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about getting bored with it. I always start out with a new project all gung ho only to get totally bored and quit it.

      If you don’t normally do that than I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


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