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I’m making some changes in my life and losing some unhealthy people is one change.

I am making my boyfriend move out! The last straw for him was when he got mad at me on my birthday for absolutely nothing. We’re going to see each other but not live together.

I have mixed feelings about this. I’ll be happy because he annoys the hell out of me! He’s been on my couch for days. Sometimes I’d like to relax on the couch and play with my phone. I asked him today to go in the bedroom and sleep and he didn’t want to.


He eats like no one I’ve ever seen. He has no problem taking the last of something even though I may like it and want some. He goes through butter like there won’t be any tomorrow! He eats peanut butter like that too. I have to go to the grocery store once a month. We’re on a budget so I only buy certain things. He pitches in a few dollars (not much).

I have never had a problem with someone eating me out of house and home until now and I hate it!!

I had a collection of salad dressings…gone!

He refuses to hang his clothes up so they lay on the bedroom floor I a huge pile! I can’t wait to get rid of it!!

He has no friends and doesn’t reach out to anyone on social media. This drives me crazy! I like to see different people around. When friends come over it’s to see me.

At least interact with someone! I’m pretty active on Facebook, Twitter and sometimes Google Plus. I mean do something! Reach out to the community! He was going to different meet up groups but that came to a stop.

We’re both bipolar and I don’t think him being alone with nothing but his own thoughts is healthy but who am I to say??? I’m no his Dr.

I know our moods clash. I try to make him happy but most of his days a not good days. I get so sick of his bad days and him not feeling good. I try to look at the positive but it’s too hard when he’s totally negative.

When I try to point out his negativity he denies it so that’s pointless and something I don’t want to live with.

He got evicted from his last place. I wasn’t really prepared to have a fulltime boyfriend/roommate. I’ve been on my own for over ten years and I like it.

There are also things I’ll miss about having him here.

He does the dishes (and uses way too much dish soap). I’ll have to do the dishes and I hate dishes.

He takes the garbage out and that’s great because I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to go outside.

He can be patient. I like that but at the same time he can be short sometimes. I never know what to expect.

My grandson loves him!! And he’s good with him most of the time. Let me tell you my grandson is a handful (I’m not going into that right now). I admire how he is with him.

I will be totally alone and even though this was the case before he came I always had friends to fill the void. Now I’m dumping most of my friends at the same time. I’m done with unhealthy people.

This aloneness is what I think bothers me the most.

I’ve scheduled my time so I know when I’ll be doing what. I thought of adopting a rescue dog but my kids are out of state and I take the bus to visit them. Having a dog would mean I couldn’t travel so that’s a big decision. I want to talk to my kids about it and see what they think of visiting me.

I’ve pretty much spelled it out so now I can actually see the pro’s and con’s.

The con’s outweigh the pro’s don’t you think.

If you have any thoughts or opinions feel free to share I’d love to hear it!

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