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Black holes

This is awesome!!


Free yourself  from the “Black Holes” in your life ——— things and people who sap your time, energy and life force…
The “Black Holes” that are a drag on your physical, mental and spiritual energy could be in the form of people or activities that waste time and energy, and gnaw at your “centre of calm”.  These, if given up, would free up pockets of your day that can be filled with so much more meaningful stuff, leaving you happier and more fulfilled.
black holeA “Black Hole” is a place where gravity becomes such a powerful force that it overwhelms all other forces of the Universe.  Once inside, nothing can escape, not even light.  Even time falls prey to the force and slows down  Astral “Black Holes are events and structures formed far away, with little or no impact on us.  What about those that we create for ourselves ——- people…

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3 comments on “Black holes

  1. What a clever comparison. Negavity is always around us. It always depends if we let in. Thank you for sharing.

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