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A Deeper Look Into Investments

I’ve been thinking about everything I invest my time into.

Frienships-I’m starting to examine my friendships and wondering if I’m putting too much time and energy into certain people.

I think it’s time to reach out to the community, get involved and meet new people.

This is hard for me because I usually start doing this by going to church.

I’ve had bad experiences with churches and haven’t been able to find one that I feel comfortable in.

Instead I think I’ll start with the library.

Look for volunteer opportunities at dog shelters.

Join a mental heath support group.

How is your day going??


8 comments on “A Deeper Look Into Investments

  1. Agree totally! Have already uninvested [ is that a word] in a lot of people because of circumstances around me! Not a believer so no church for me, now a volunteer at a charity in UK for older people and would love to volunteer at an animal charity, but I am in town, do not drive and they are all out of town! Will have to win the lottery and buy my own sanctuary!

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    1. Lol!! A sanctuary sounds great!

      I’m still ” uninvesting” while I also need to invest!

      I am overwhelmed with other peoples unhealthy circumstances and it’s time for me to move on!


      1. Unfortunately I have my own unhealthy circumstances [physical] something I am not used to! But hey ho, we just have to get on with things! Animals are calming, understanding and non judgemental! Perfect!

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  2. cazzroo says:

    Yes I understand your thoughts too! i often give SO much time to people – always hoping to really help them, when really we an only help ourselves – and also i don’t do it in a way which is helpful to me – so i am chaining my life o i can be some kind of life coach and get paid for it, then have friends that treat me as i treat them – with respect and honour, and kindness and generosity!…. its about knowing our own worth i think!…. re churches, to me, GOD is in everyone and everything… nature is our church you know? not to say i don’t like to visit them -but on my own for some contemplation – we have amazing ones over in europe – so beautiful and peaceful to visit, but i ‘d never got to a sermon! we have the same knowledge we just have to listen and hear the wider consciousness that is out there!.. so much love to you on your journey! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you cazzroo! best way is to treat others as you would like to be treat, although it doesn’t always work! There are givers and takers in this world!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes that is so true!!!


    2. Thank you!! Much success to you too

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  3. ankitpareek says:

    That is actually true! At some point, we do realise we putting too many efforts on some relationships, more than they deserve. Reaching out to the community is actually a great idea.

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