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What’s Your Take On Stigma and Mental Health

I personally totally ignore it as if it doesn’t exist.

I am focusing on awareness by getting the message out there.

I’m utilize social media to spread awareness.

I talk openly about the tools I use to overcome obstacles.

I work towards wholeness by diminishing walls and finding the clear path to fulfillment by using self soothing methods. Keeping a positive outlook I use reasoning by asking myself certain questions depending on the subject and/or the situation.

What do I want my final outcome to be? Let’s say I want to establish peace.

What method of strategy will I use to reach peace? Well, I have to look within myself to develop a healthy outcome.

Focusing on external sources and expecting permanent results and true fulfilment in an ever changing universe is shallow and leaves you with a hollow feeling in the long run.

Instead choose the most powerful aspects of your character? Let’s choose to list integrity, insight, a clear conscience and the attitude of harmony that is born from surrendering totally to becoming genuine (humility). These traits go deeper then any the superficial motives intent on evil.

This is where I have an advantage. I’ve studied my motives and like what I’ve found.

My confidence comes from an overall peace I’ve found by holding on to these principles. I thrive on the independence of having a nature that defies human nature.

In a sense you could say I’m swimming upstream. I go against basic human nature by taking a narrow path.

The path that is wide leads to destruction and most people gravitate toward a negative mind set harboring bad feelings like resentment. They could have received rejection in their past or hostility. Maybe they are just plain evil and had nurturing, well meaning parents who were supportive and had the gift to share advice and give insights with great understanding.

I try not to judge. I watch people and weigh their motives.

I establish boundaries as to how close I let people become. The closer someone is to you the more they can hurt you if they turn and hate you.

Weak people are intimidated by my strong personality. My openness scares them. This can cause them to lash out at you because of shallow feelings they entertain i.e. jealousy, envy, self pride….

Yet my gift of discernment leaves them naked even though they lie and try to hide from the truth. Their falseness is fake and they can’t deal with a reality beyond their own dark souls. They plan an evil trap for others only to fall into it himself.

I usually completely ignore them and they eventually go away.

If you try to live with right intentions even your enemies will be made to be at peace with you.

In summary I let them go their own dark way. They can’t even see their own obstacles. They inevitably fall because of their own inconsistencies.

Therefore a slim chance for closure or a final resolution.

What strategies do you use to get ahead?

What motivates you?


2 comments on “What’s Your Take On Stigma and Mental Health

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    As stigma can be a barrier to people getting the help they need, I speak out against it. But I don’t let their beliefs affect my own desire to get better. I try to help others I know overcome it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try to spread awareness. People need to be educated

      Liked by 1 person

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