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Popularity is Overrated

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Rough Draft of My Marketing Plan

Long-term goal-Establish a lucrative business on the with almost no investments.

Use the phone calendar to document how long to stay on each social media site. Use their peak hours to schedule what time to post to what website.

*One project at a time.*

Do all the free fun stuff first.

Establish myself on a few social media sites. I have a lot of fun with social media.

1. Facebook-promote animal, mostly dog, causes and gather a bunch of people together who love their dogs. Build relationships and eventually sell dog products. Maybe books…training?

2. Twitter-follow mental health and news issues. Follow follow follow. Retweet. Favorite. Learn who your followers are.

Generate more activity.


3. Word Press-because I love this blogging platform!!

4. Google Plus-I have a bipolar page there and another blog…Marsha’s Blog.

Become a more active contributor in the Mental Health groups.

Establish more of a following.

Be honest-make friends

Post personal growth articles…

Post on my G+ page through the WordPressto’se if possible.

Incorporate affiliate marketing into the blog(s) using Amazon Affiliates selling books about success and personal growth, mindfulness…ADHD…

Write posts about building self esteem, thought processes, self talks, self acceptance, mindfulness??
A positive outlook and opening up new beginnings, what I learned by moving to the projects and drinking and playing cards for five straight years, ext…

Focus on building a real relationship with potential clients, treating them as individuals, taking a personal interest in them. Invest time to establish good public relations and customer service to add to solidity to my business foundation. Build trust by putting the clients needs first.

Financial goals-the first year investments are cheap giving me a deadline to have enough revenue to pay for itself in one year.

Write a budget to include advertising on Facebook? Google adsense

Follow my traffic strategy presentation.

Research traffic, traffic, traffic,  Seo, content marketing, traffic exchanges, article marketing submit all articles using my list with the freelance information on

Keyword research focus on common emotional and mental triggers, subjects of improvement, how to’s

Research investments.

Once I generate enough income I’ll invest in a website. It will focus on mental health issues specializing on bipolar and depression.

Post self help tips and share how I’ve overcome living with bipolar disorder.

I will post about up-to-date personal issues I’m dealing with and how I handle it.

Post Self-help, personal growth, mindfulness?

Research programs, statistics, case study?

Find other blogs about depression/bipolar and subscribe. Take a personal interest in individual personal stories.

Comment. Ask questions.

Add to the phone calendar what I will post. Posting anytime at least twice a week.

Journal about feelings or out of control situations including an emotion that came up that I had to deal with…motivation, procrastination, how I handled a conflict, what I still need to overcome and reach my latest goal.

*sGoals include up-to-date issues and how I dealt with them.

Share interesting information like success stories articles about medication…

Well that’s my unrefined copy.

~Document final business plan and store it in a personal file.


4 comments on “Rough Draft of My Marketing Plan

  1. These are good ideas for a Marketing Plan! 😀 I remembered that we had a requirement in our Principles of Marketing course last year, to make a Marketing Plan for a good or service company 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup and it drained our creative juices at the same time LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol! School can do that.

        Liked by 1 person

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