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My Bipolar Boyfriend…This Isn’t Working Out

I’m also bipolar so I have my own moods!!

He consumes everything possible in a short amount of time.

He lies, he steals and he cheats…I caught him posting his profile on a bunch of cheating sites!

This is not what I want in a man.

I’m honest and upfront. I have high values and am working on my bipolar issues by utilizing the tools readily available to us. Like positive self talks and building self esteem.

He just sits there. Total silence and boring. He stars at walls and thinks. I personally prefer someone with mental stimulation of some kind.

He has no friends at all not even social media buddies….strange.

I don’t think it’s healthy to be almost totally isolated. Alone with your own thoughts…

I like to reach out to those around me. You know build a support system!!!

He totally sucks at business! And finances forget it!

I long for my freedom!!! He’s out!!

He’s selfish and childish. He has no sense of humor. His social skills are seriously lacking!!!

One of the biggest problems with him is that I have convictions and don’t feel comfortable having sex outside of marriage and he tries to pressure me into having sex with no respect of my convictions.

I’m closing all my businesses that I ran right out and got a ton of!!!

He is good to study with though. He would sit on his laptop and I was on the computer. I got really into the whole marketing thing because without good financial planning you’ll never get anywhere.

Went out of my way to try to make him happy. Happiness is rare BTW because he’s always having a bad day…

I need someone more positive and focusing on his issues.

Work smarter not harder!

I’ve closed all my websites and only have a couple free blogs!!

Establish myself socially first through social media. This is fun work! All the free stuff first then I’ll establish a new website. On my own!

I can’t be with a man that has absolutely no personality.

I don’t love him that’s the sad part.

I was seeing this Dr who gave me Valiums and pain pills I was taking them when I met this guy.

Let me tell ya I was in a diminished state of mind. I mean the whole time I was taking them all I remember was blurred.

I ended up with this freaking psycho before I knew what was going on.

I want it to be a smooth matter just get lost go be a dick to someone else.

Oh BTW he got mad at me for absolutely no reason.

It was my birthday he he decided to tell me he didn’t want to talk to me…that was the last straw!!

I didn’t do a thing to him. He’s in the habit of taking his Adderall in five days with absolutely no sleep and he’s crabby and lashes out at me…wrong answer!!

Sorry but I have my own mood swings basically I’m tired of walking on egg shells around his moods!!

Is he going to have a good day or a bad day??? Guess what I don’t care!!!!


There I said it!!

He really desires a relationship though and personally I don’t see him able to connect like that.

I’m not even slightly attracted to him.

To sum it all up I just don’t love him the way he wants me to.

I don’t love him the way I want to be in love with someone.

Hope he finds what he’s looking for because he’s somewhere in the ozone. If you know what I mean!!

I thought I could be content with him because the last hope we had was that we never fought. Then he is going to direct a negative comment.

He called me and said he didn’t want to talk to me.

It was my birthday I was bummed…I decided I never want to have another bummer holiday with him.

He was miserable on holidays! Hell he was miserable about every day. It was just worse on holidays though.

He stays on his computer counting his twitter followers that are absolutely useless to him in business.

He’s been working on his website with no customers…he doesn’t have a marketing strategy and personal relations.

I’m closing all my businesses and taking one project at a time. I’m going to open a website about bipolar disorder. I have to developed a marketing strategy. I’m going to start with free blogs and incorporate income making my first sites free that I can make money on. Use this revenue to pay for a cheap ass 99¢ a year and some cheap hosting for the first year.

That gives me a deadline of a year to generate income.

I plan to utilize the skills I learned by obsessing over marketing.

Dale (that’s boyfriend’s name) was good to study with. He would leave me alone and let me get lost in articles.

He’s not seeking answers he thinks he has them all.

His most used phrase is “I know”.

Give me a break!!!

He tells me he’s going to make big bucks some day…you know what …go somewhere else and find your fortune…



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