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How Should I Feel About Homosexuality?

I’ve always been content being a woman. I’ve never had a desire to be in a relationship with a woman.

I would feel so tortured if I were gay because I believe they go to hell.

I’m basically celibate. I’m in a relationship and the guy lives with me. I feel its wrong to            have sex so i  think of reasons not to.

He’s unhealthy and I told him to be out the third.

The bad outweighs the good and maybe I just don’t love him enough. We’re both bipolar.

I don’t like conflict.

Anyway I have some Facebook friends that are for the gay rights and abortion (I don’t believe in that either).

I can’t say what led them to this path. I hope they are in peace and have a heart that’s innocent yet a mind that seeks insight into themselves so they can be all they were meant to be!!

I’m not saying that they will go to hell that’s between them and their Creator.


4 comments on “How Should I Feel About Homosexuality?

  1. cazzroo says:

    hello, I am impressed with your honestly, and well done as well for making changes in your life.
    Regarding homosexuality… I believe in God – and that we all have God residing in us, we are all one, part of the great divine and we all are spirits splinters of the great I AM. And the highest vibration? LOVE. And so a God that is LOVE is all accepting, all knowing all powerful, yes? And therefore there is no good or bad, just THERE IS. The moment you judge another, is a moment of being in ego, rather than in love. I feel that in spirit we are neither man or woman – but a combination of both, that is the yin and yan, the divine balance, and so for people to love all people is the way forward. And if you’re drawn to another woman, or a man drawn to another man, so be it.

    Regarding abortions, too, do you not think that a loving thing to do is to leave an unborn spirit in the realm of sprit rather than having a baby out of moral obligation, where it then suffers if the parents are very young or too poor to feed the young miracle. Think outside of the box when it comes to God, and you might find there is a lot more knowledge than is passed down in churches that promote hypocritical “wisdom” that I feel is so far from God’s truth of love and compassion and more in line with their own patriachal hierarchy based on power, rather than love…

    I write this with love in my heart, not judgement to you, I only ask of humanity as a whole that we begin to accept things we don’t know about, and look to the higher place of love, sending love to all beings, regardless of their choices in this world, for we are all divine beings who came down to learn 🙂 xxxx

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    1. Great thought I really like that. I’m not sure about abortion I never got one but I often wish my mother had got one with me.
      As for love I completely agree! Love and acceptance even if I don’t practice the same.

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      1. cazzroo says:

        aw never think that – we all have a reason to be here – so many lessons and blessing to have in our lives… every part of it is an expression of love and life…. blessings and love to you xxxx


      2. Awwww…thank you!!


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