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My Opinion On Racism


I’ve been doing nothing but reading news articles.

I feel so bad for the Freddie Gray incident, but I think the public kind of jumped the gun a bit by protesting before they knew how the cops would be dealt with.

On the otherhand, if their weren’t protests would those cops even be dealt with?

It’s so hard to tell these days. So many instances of police brutality get swept under the rug.

There are a few stories where a white cop has killed a black man that have become popular. What about the stories we hear nothing about?

I used to live in a very racist town. It was a small town. Very few African Americans (or any minorities for that matter) were employed and they had to follow “white” protocol. Some places would hire them for a short time only to fire them for small infringements.

The jail was overflowing with mostly black repeat offenders. I wonder if the offenders had role models if it would be different.

I’ve lived in a suburb of Cleveland for about 3 years and I see many African Americans holding steady jobs.

What a difference from my last residence.

There is an incident that has hit national news about a 12 year old child who was black and had a toy gun that looked real. He was shot and killed by a white cop who was found to be unstable. This is tragic!

I want to believe that racism will eventually be a thing of the past. If everyone could look past their differences and see the heart of a person, focusing on the positive aspects of an individual we could grow stronger as a nation.

I know I may sound like a dreamer but I hope to see the day when people are treated as individuals. Everyone has something to offer!

Sure there are shady people that are negative and life on the fringes of society, but a single race isn’t responsible for illicit activity.

What are your thoughts on racism?




2 comments on “My Opinion On Racism

  1. fedibae says:

    It’s funny how every country/region has their own “hated” minorities, while patters of stereotypes, discrimination and sometimes criminalization repeat. Most of them share that they (or their ancestors) are poorer than the minority, eg working migrants or refugees, often they come from the South and have darker skin. Some random (exaggerated) examples.

    – in Western Europe, Muslims are now the “main minority”, while Africans and dark people in general stay in focus; no problems for Spanish/Hispanics at all. In Germany, Italians used to be scapegoats in the 1960s (poor working migrants, eating garlic)
    – 18th century England: Irish are lazy drunkards
    – Hong Kong: Filipinos are lazy and criminals
    – Russia: Caucasians (meaning South-West Asians) are terrorists
    – Luxembourg: Portuguese (compare Italians in Germany)
    – UK: Indians (while that is more 20th century, nowadays mostly blacks and
    – Eastern Europe: Sinti/Roma (“Gypsies”)
    – Mexico: South Americans


    1. It makes me wonder what the statistics are that people do what’s expected of them. Why is there a lack of desire to achieve in a superior environment? Why isn’t financial freedom more is a priority for some people?
      What can be done to motivate people to move forward so we can balance the economy by making more independent consumers. There should be jobs and government funding made for programs of this type.

      I believe if you start with people young enough you can establish more stability.

      Help the kids in one parent families or those who have addicted parents.

      The problem is funding for children is the first thing cut when the economy goes down!!


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