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Living Bipolar and Busness

professional_by_darktrotsky-d3ww8g7I recently decided to go into online marketing. I love it.

The problem is I get all excited about something at first and go full force until I burn out and then I lose interest. That’s whats happening now.

Before I learned that you should only start one project at a time I went and got all these websites and a few blogs and now I’m overwhelmed and neglecting some of my responsibilities.

I have to now go back and start fresh. I have to make a business plan and develop a content marketing strategy.

I have to learn to pace myself. I really love it but it’s a bit overwhelming. I’ve decided to take a more laid back approach. After all it is free so I’m not really losing anything.

My favorite is my Online Marketing site. I’ve decided to give information totally free. I see so many people try to cash in from this and it seems like a scam to do so. I’ve added some affiliate links.

I made it for people who want to go into online marketing and need help.

At first I threw myself into it and now I’ve slacked way off. I’ve decided to post monthly I know if I’m consistent I’ll eventually succeed. That’s the problem being consistent. I am far from it. This is where the content marketing strategy and business plan will help.

My second site is The Mental Health Journey. It’s mostly for bipolar disorder since I’m so familiar with that. I’ve totally neglected that one. I thought I’d put a lot of self help tips on this site.

I get the strangest comments on this site. Only natural I guess. I don’t bother to approve most of them because I really don’t understand what they’re trying to say.

I’ve also added some affiliate links.

My motive for these sites is to help people. I don’t know how much money I’ll make but it is fun.

Then there’s Pet Party. It’s an affiliate website. It’s not doing real well i need to go back and research keywords again!

I really need to work on this site and add more sites so people have more of a variety.

I know staying consistent and not giving up is the answer.

Do you have any tips or insights as to how I could become more consistent? This is my biggest weakness.


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